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Studio Mic GXL2200 CAD

The SE-2200 6 input multi-definition switcher is perfect forlive production, religious worship, meetings or conference purposes.

It is a technically smart and cost effective portablebroadcast-quality switcher.

SE-2200 is a solution that comes with agreat features such as 6x6 SDI genlockedMatrix, Dual PIP and built-in title overlay system that works with entry level Datavideo CG systems, or other graphics programs.

SE-2200 consists of 6 HD/SD-SDI video inputs or with acombination of 4 HD/SD-SDI and 2 HDMI inputs; all of the inputs are reassignable, thus it is able to adapt to your needs. Oneof the HDMI inputs can be used to accept video from a PC/Laptop computer towork with built-in title overlay system such as Datavideo'sCG solutions, including CG-200.


21.7 x 15.1 x 12.7"