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Spk Cable 100ft HOG

The all-valve EL34 100/100 produces harmonically rich EL34 tone in a professional three-unit rack chassis.

100 Watt + 100 Watt, the EL34 100/100 Dual Monobloc is an EL34 valve-driven, rack-mount stereo power amp. Designed to power rack effect units, the EL34 100/100 delivers classic Marshall® EL34 valve tone with traditional or modern voice switching, which can be operated remotely.

The term Dual Monobloc means that each of the EL34 100/100’s stereo sides, or channels (A and B), is an independent mono unit with its own Gain and Presence controls.

The EL34 100/100 features our highly specialised True Differential Inverter circuitry, which ensures maximum integrity and purity of valve tone is maintained at all times. This means that those all important and highly desirable valve overdrive and compression characteristics are not compromised.

Designed to withstand the rigors of touring, the EL34 100/100 has a tried and tested track record, so it not only looks and sound great, it can survive life on the road.