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Gtr Cable 5ft PCB Hosa

5-string bass neck 34 inch scale 21 frets (.103" x .045") D Profile Maple bass neck, sanded, unfinished and ready to sprayRosewood fingerboard with white inlay dots12" radiusNut width 1.75 inches Heel width 2 and 11/16 inches 3 x 2 key holes, tuning peg hole diameter 9/16" Truss Rod adjustment at heel Neck thickness .91" at first fret, .99" at twelfth fret Unless otherwise noted, all necks are made of the highest quality wood in either the United States or Japan. No two necks are exactly the same and may differ slightly from what is pictured.All necks may require fret leveling and polish, and may need to be fine tune to fit your instrument. This is normal and not a defect. All necks should be carefully inspected prior to installation and/or modification. All wood is unique with individual growth patters. Allparts cannot warranty a neck that does not get a sealer/finish put on it, as humidity, sweat, and temperature can cause the neck to warp and twist.